DUAL (Drug User Advocacy League) of Ottawa was founded in the summer of 2010.  DUAL’s members are active and former users and their allies.  Visit the About section to learn more about DUAL.

This website is a comprehensive resource for DUAL members and the Ottawa community.  From here, you can contact DUAL’s Chairperson, Sean LeBlanc, learn about how to join DUAL, check out the resources and efforts of the DUAL working groups and donate.  DUAL members can also access the private members-only page for announcements and community.

If you would like to contact DUAL, visit the Contact page.

Weekly DUAL Drop-In!!!

DUAL logoCome check out DUAL’s Drop-In EVERY Friday @ 216 Murray, 9:30-11:30 am, for great company, an Ottawa Public Health Nurse offering an amazing variety of harm reduction and sexual health services, smoking cessation w/ CMHA nurse, lots of fly projects, what’s new in consumer advocacy, resources, referrals, paid peer work and the BEST French Toast in Ottawa!!!

An Advocates Plea…

465 fb friends and 111 twitter followers yet only 201 views?? frown emoticon PERHAPS I should o put 5 secs of a cat playing a piano or just or that as the title.

Culling season starts soon

Why do we do the things we do,
Well it’s not for money that bits true,
For personal gain usually not,
It’ for what, most have forgot.

Our dream is everyone will have naloxone,
Somewher esafe in their home.
We don’t look upon ourselves as saviors,
We just think of it more we’re doing life a favor,
For someone’s daughter for someone’s son,
For their fathers and for their mum.

Is it not human nature to help someone?
Especially when all their Hope has gone,
And for those who moan about round here,
Try spending 6 months in Crimea.
See most only strive for what they can’t get,
They’re close minded and often forget,
But for the grace of God go they,
Who knows maybe it will be one day.

Our dream is everyone will have naloxone,
Somewhere safe in their home.
We don’tlook upon ourselves as saviors,
We think of it more we’re doing life a favor,
For someone’s daughter for someone’s son,
for their fathers and for their mum



Memorial Day


  • Drugs Users Memorial Day has become an important and special day by providing the opportunity to come together in remembrance and celebration of those who lost their lives. Too often, drug related deaths are not properly grieved due to social stigma.
  • Long Description
    This year, the Memorial in Ottawa will take place on July 21at 10am in Cathcart Park.

WRITE FOR $-L’Injecteur!

Hello fellow drug user groups,

I’m taking this opportunity to reiterate my invitation for Inhalation and Injection drug users (IIDUs) across the country to submit creative work for possible publication in L’Injecteurmagazine. Note that we publish works in both French and English. Feel free to peruse back issues of our  publication BY and FOR IIDUs at the following address, at your convenience, for better insight into out content:


Each issue has from one to four texts in English but our goal is for increased English content moving forward!

​Every issue has its own theme. For the next issue coming out Fall of 2015 the theme is: Youth. The deadline for contributions is July 20th. Submissions are accepted by regular mail at

1495, ave. Bennett

Montréal, Québec

H1V 2S5

or by email at linjecteur.udi@gmail.com

Note that submissions can be on any topic of interest to our readership. Because of the low rate of English texts submitted, English content or theme-related content does have a slightly better chance of being published.

All published content is paid for when the magazine comes out, according to the following rates.


Interview(for interviewee)….25$

Comic strip (full page)….65$


Article (200 to 500 words MAX)….35$

Article(200-500 words) by more than one writer….65$

Drawing (any size)….35$


Notice that for the cover the procedure is a bit different. An artist can submit examples of his work and a contract is made with a chosen artist. He then submits 3 to 4 examples as proposals. The L’Injecteur team then chooses the preferred proposal and the artist goes ahead with the final artwork within the given parameters.

Feel free to print and post the ad included or create your own.

Please advertise to as many IIDUs as possible!

I am available to anyone who wants more info.

Looking forward to reading all of you!